Tap Select Display

Using the 2 new fields under the stroke rate in the new Espresso display, change the displayed quantity with one tap: boat run, heart rate, stroke count, distance, remaining strokes, remaining time, remaining distance, total strokes, total time, total distance.

3-2-1 Timers

By default, the auto piece timer will always count up time, distance and strokes from zero as piece and rest intervals are initiated. A different countdown quantity (distance, time or strokes) can be set for pieces or rest such that it will start counting down from that value. When zero is reached, it will start counting up. These countdowns do not affect the logic of the auto piece timer, they just change the value that the piece/rest timer starts with when initiated.

Remaining strokes, time or distance:

If you use the 3-2-1 countdown tab picker wheel to set a countdown distance to be used by the auto piece timer, RitmoTime can display how many strokes are left in the piece with a simple calculation using your current speed, rate and remaining distance. Likewise if a countdown time is set, the current rate and remaining time is used to calculate the remaining strokes. Remaining Distance and Time are done in a similar fashion when a countdown is set.

Total time, distance or strokes:

If you use the 3-2-1 countdown tab picker wheel to set a countdown distance to be used by the auto piece timer,  RitmoTime can calculate and display a projected “total time” or finish time using the elapsed time, remaining distance and current speed. In a similar fashion the total distance or total strokes can be displayed using the countdown timer.


Workouts are mapped and marked with starting and ending points for pieces. Each stroke is marked with an “x” which can be touched to show Rate, current speed, workout time, workout distance, piece/rest time, piece/rest distance

9 Different Displays

The touch select “espresso” display is shown on the welcome page of this website. Two more “classic” displays are available  “Rate & Speed” has a larger rate display, and no “touch select” boxes. “Rate Only” has the largest rate display, no touch select boxes and no speed or average speed. All displays have the workout and piece/rest clocks driven by the auto piece timer with distance, stroke count, etc. All three displays have a portrait, right hand landscape and left hand landscape version.


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