GPS for iPod Touch

RitmoTime needs a GPS enabled iOS device to calculate speed, pace and distance. All iPhones except the original model are GPS enabled. None of the iPod Touch devices come with GPS but it can be added at a reasonable cost. 


Bad-Elf offers apple approved GPS accessories for iOS devices. Fully tested by FullCompression, LLC and works great. 

Heart Rate

With the Wahoo Fitness Fisica sensor key and compatible heart rate monitor Heart rate can be displayed and recorded by the RitmoTime app.

IPod Touch + GPS Cost/Feature comparison

An iPod Touch + GPS accessory + waterproof case with velcro mounting + RitmoTime app is about $400. Only the most basic speed and distance capable stand alone devices are less expensive.

There is no stand alone device at any price nearly as capable as RitmoTime for monitoring and recording your workouts. The most basic stand alone devices with rate, speed, stroke count and a simple timer are still at least $300 when magnets, impellers and cables are included. When simple features like a backlit display, heart rate capability and limited stroke count data recall are added the cost quickly becomes more than RitmoTime on an iPod Touch. Want to review the stroke data you saved from that race on a computer? Add $100 more for a clunky computer hook up cable. You’re now paying well over $450 and still nowhere near the capability of RitmoTime. Want to add heart rate? You are north of $500 now.

If you already have an iPod Touch, this is a no brainer. If you don’t, visit Apple to see what else the iPod Touch can do in addition to being the ultimate stroke monitor for paddlers and rowers.

*When ordering a waterproof case for an iPod Touch to be used with a GPS accessory, make sure it will have enough space to fit the iPod Touch and the GPS accessory.


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